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G = Gluten/Wheat, SK = Skalldyr/Shellfish, M = Melk/Milk, H = Hvitløk/Garlic, F = Fisk/Fish, E = Egg/Eggs, N = Nøtter/Nuts, BL = Bløtdyr/Molluscs, SL = Selleri/Celery, S = Soya/Soy, SN = Sennep/Mustard


  • Bruschetta89,-

2x focaccia, tomato, basil, garlic, parmesan (G,M,H)

  • BBQ Beef Skewer99,-

2x skewers served on lettuce with BBQ (H,S)

  • Chicken Nuggets89,-

8x pieces of chicken with a dip of your choice (G,SL)

  • Calamari89,-

8x calamari rings with salad and a dip of your choice (G,F,BL)

  • Onions Rings79,-

8x rings with salad and a dip of your choice (G,E)

  • Croquettes79,-

4x croquettes with dried tomato and spinach, rocket, salsa (G,E,M,H)

  • Jalapeño Poppers89,-

6x breaded jalapeno peppers with cheese and sour cream (G,M,E )

  • Nachos with cheese139,-

Baked nachos with spicy cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream (G,M)

  • Cheese Platter149,-

3 types of cheese, jam, crackers, grapes (G,M)

  • Focaccia49,-

4 pieces of focaccia with aioli (G,E)

  • Olives49,-

bowl of mixed olives

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  • Papardelle Entrecôte189,-

Beef, mushroom, onion, gorgonzola, cream sauce, truffle oil, parmesan (G,H,M,E)

  • Papardelle Bolognese179,-

Beef Bolognese, parmesan (G,E,H,M,SL)

  • Papardelle Pollo179,-

Chicken, onion, broccoli, dried tomatoes, cream sauce, parmesan, pumpkin
seeds (G,E,M,H)


Bread is served with all salads

  • Caesar169,-

Grilled chicken, bacon, croutons, parmesan, dressing (G,SN,F,E)

  • Chevre169,-

Grilled goat cheese, pickled beetroot, nuts, raspberries, vinaigrette (G,M,N,SN,E)

  • Casarecce169,-

Smoked salmon, pasta, grilled peppers, olives, dried tomato, feta (G,F,M,E)

  • Greek159,-

Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, olives, feta, onion and vinaigrette (M,SN,G,E)

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  • Entrecôte Steak289,-

Beef 250g, potato wedges, mixed salad, green peppercorn sauce (M,H,SN)

  • BBQ Ribs229,-

Pork ribs 350g, potato wedges, coleslaw (E,SN,H)

  • Fish and Chips189,-

Cod 160g, fries, mixed salad, rémoulade (G,SL,SN)

  • Grilled Chicken189,-

Chicken 160g, fries, tomatoes, cheese, pesto, mixed salad (M,N,SN,H)


  • Smash Fryd159,-

Beef 180g, cheddar, bacon, salad, tomatoes, pickles, onion chutney, jalapeño
mayo (G,M,E,H,SN)

  • Double Smash Fryd229,-

Beef 360g, cheddar, bacon, salad, tomatoes, pickles, onion chutney,
jalapeño mayo (G,E,H,M,SN)

  • Smash Hot Salsa159,-

Beef 180g, cheddar, bacon, salad, tomatoes, nachos, jalapeño, avocado mayo,
salsa (G,E,H,M)

  • Smash Blue159,-

Beef 180g, gorgonzola, bacon, salad, tomatoes, pickles, onion chutney,
jalapeño mayo (G,E,H,M,SN)

  • Smash Chevre159,-

Beef 180g, goat cheese, salad, tomatoes, pickles, beetroot chutney, avocado
mayo (G,E,H,M,SN)

  • Grilled Chicken159,-

Chicken 160g, red coleslaw, salad, tomatoes, BBQ sauce (G,E,H,M,SN)

  • Beyond(vegetarian/vegan)159,-

Cheddar, beetroot chutney, salad, tomatoes, pickles, avocado mayo (G,E,H,M,SN)


French fries   49,-
Sweet potato fries  59,-
French fries, truffle oil, parmesan (M)   59,-
Potato wedges  49,-
Coleslaw (E,M,SN) 49,-


Aioli (E,SN) 20,-
BBQ 20,-
Rémoulade (E) 20,-
Jalapeño mayo (E,SN,H) 20,-
Avocado mayo (E,SN,H) 20,-
Guacamole (H) 20,-
Salsa (SL) 20,-

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  • Sausages with fries89,-
  • Burger with fries99,-

Cheese, ketchup (E,M)

  • Chicken Nuggets with fries89,-


  • Pasta with tomato sauce79,-



Alle desserter er laget på huset

  • Apple Cake109,-

Served with ice cream and caramel sauce (G,M,E,N,S)

  • Chocolate Fondant109,-

Served with ice cream and chocolate sauce (G,M,E,S,N)

  • Panna Cota Vanilla109,-

Served with strawberry mousse (G,M,E)

  • Ice Cream99,-

3 flavours of ice cream, with strawberry or caramel topping (E,M)